Spring/Summer Fragrance Haul

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Hey Hey FashionBabes! It’s been a long time since I’ve done a beauty blog or anything in that category & last week I was asked about perfumes so I thought it be great to share my Perfume Haul for spring & summer.

I do like to change my perfumes up depending on the season, if I’m attending an event, ball, private dinner or something like that then I may not want to smell like day time flowers so it’s ok to change it up to meet the occasion. Anyone who truly knows me knows I’m consider to be a girly girl I adore that floral, light, airy, crisps, clean smell during the spring. I’m not a big fan of that citrus smell but I do know it’s common for this time a year so “hey” if it’s your thing it’s still very spring appropriate!
It’s no secret that perfume can’t get pricey so if your like me it’s alright to start off small. There are sample size bottles you can always get your hands on, you can link with companies that actually send you fragrances to try out or purchase your favorite one each time you can.
Here’s a overview of a few that’s in my collection & some you may want to try this season if you haven’t already.


YSL- Mon Paris:
There’s one word that comes to mind when you smell this is “CANDY”
This my be considered a girly girls perfume. It’s very sweet and the bottle is cute but if you don’t like those sweet, rich, savorer, smells this may not be one y’all jump at. I love it 🍬

Coach- Coach New York:
Has more of a floral scent and not that old lady vibe smell but a real fresh and almost fruity scent to it. I didn’t know about this perfume, this bottle was actually a gift but it’s amazing & I totally recommend it specially for any spring day.

Juliette Has a Gun- Not a Perfume:
Great name right lol. If you get to read the description, it targets a person looking for discretion. This is more of a scent for women who don’t really wear perfume. It’s a fresh, clean, woody type. It’s not very strong but simple and gets the job done.

Gucci- Bamboo:
Is currently what I’ve been wearing the most and spring and summer hasn’t even started yet. I love the smell it’s almost captivating & has a way of making you feel sexy at night; Yet light and airy during the day time. For daytime use I like to spray it then do that fun walk through the mist and at night I directly apply it. I started out with the smaller bottle but recently restocked with the larger one. It’s a Must Have to add to your collection!

Of course you can find these at any fragrance shop, mall, Sephora or outlet and they may even have the sample versions. I hope you enjoyed my Fragrance Haul for spring & summer.
Let me know what some of your Spring & Summer perfume picks are, I’m always in need of the good scoop lol

Wishing you all a great one 💋Can’t wait to read your comments. Follow me on Twitter & IG @IamnakiaLawrence

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  1. I have the Ysl and I just bought the Marc Jacobs. Love your blog

  2. Wonderful post, I can’t wait for your to do a summer clothing haul

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