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Spring is literally right around the corner so I figured it’s time to share a few spring fashion favorites & some of the colors y’all most definitely see this season. Now it’s no secret that choosing your outfits during spring can be a little frustrating. The weather is so up and down one minute y’all be inspired to wear that flowy dress or shorts but still have the question of do I carry a sweater or leggings as back up. Well I’m here to help, today’s blog will give you a little insight on the best ways to make your outfits work for you & how much fun spring looks can really be. This season is fashionably amazing, now is the time for mixing prints, trying out pastels & even for those bold enough giving off a little stomach.
Here are a few pointers on how to choose outfits that are stylish, fun but impactful this spring!


Look 1:
I can’t get enough of mixing patterns, colors & prints. It gives me a chance to show my creative side plus get a little daring and wear things I may not normally put together. I try to always add something bright because hey that’s what spring is all about.


Look 2:
Whether it’s for church or the corporate office it’s OK to take the same spring wardrobe fundamentals and add them to those looks. For a comfortable yet casual chic approach I love putting together cute bright bottoms with solid tops. For example, here I have a denim button down shirt with a pink flared skirt.


Look 3:
If you’re more on the colder side of things there are still ways to find a fresh way to remix that spring look. Layering isn’t only for fall & winter it’s actually used a lot in the spring time. This is when you see blazers & cardigans come to life lol. If your wearing a dark bottom give your tops a bit of splash. When all else fails you can never go wrong with making your outfit pop with the right pair of shoes


Look 4:
Plain and simple… Sign me up you can always find me jumping in a romper or jumpsuit, I just love them. Most of the time they don’t need any help or add on’s and if you need to dress the up add heels. When your ready to play it down try a denim jacket or small jewelry choices like stud earrings or no necklace.


So I’m creating a hashtag #ootdNL I want to see all the spring looks you come up with. Let’s inspire each other and you never know I may have to rock a look you put together myself lol (thanks girl)! I received a lot of questions about spring trends and colors so I hope today’s blog helped. Alright now I’m serious let’s #ootdnl bring out those colorful silk kimonos, bright colored mules, incorporate those romantic florals & don’t be afraid to Mix those Prints 💋

Wishing you all a fantastic & blessed week. Can’t wait to read your comments. Follow me on Twitter & IG @IamnakiaLawrence

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  1. This is going to have me looking good this season. Using all your tips Thank you

  2. I really like look number 3. I’m going to start incorporating this style into my work wardrobe for spring.

  3. Your blog is really nice and you keep us informed with great fashion tips.

  4. Just started following you on Instagram. Love your page & can’t wait to read more of your blog.

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