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First I want to start by saying Thank you to all who serve. I’m truly grateful for all you do! This pass Veterans Day, I had the pleasure of taking my service men on a little get away to Prague, Czech Republic & Oh was it beautiful!

Making it my mission to tackle as much of the scenery as possible, I’m excited I now have a reason to go back lol. We arrived on Friday and left Sunday afternoon of course by then my husband was sick of me asking for another photo or complaining about why he didn’t tell me to fix my hair lol. But I did capture how incredible Prague is and want to share some hidden go to places for you to add to your travel list.

It’s no secret that you have to visit the Castle, St. George’s Basilica, katedrala Svateho Vita or Old town square in general but just to see the beauty of places like the Old Jewish Cemetery, Charles Bridge or Powder Tower is breathtaking. Try to plan out your days and maybe even come up with a back up plan. This will help just in case unexpected things happen. We were in line for the castle but they weren’t actually letting tourists inside until after 12:30 so between worrying about the parking meter & what to do next our day started off kinda rocky. Excited by Czech atmosphere my husband & I decided to go with it and turned into true tourist.

So here are a few photos from our recent adventure and a few tagged locations I think you absolutely must check out!!!!


So here we visit the Wax Museum and the different shops on Celetna street.



We also made sure we walked two of the bridges and can I just say the Charles Bridge is absolutely stunning and the scenery is everything.

So I’m a true foodie and I couldn’t get enough of all the varietys of food Prague had to offer! 

My first stop was to Bistro Freak Shake Coffee. So don’t judge me but yes it was my first meal of that day and I drank every bit of this shake…. It Was Amazing!

Next we stope in Bageterie Boulevard and I tried this mouth watery BBQ chicken sandwich. It was fresh, tasty and I had happy to know they bake their items.

And you can’t leave Prague without trying the Czech Cinnamon Pastry. No, like literally lol they are sold on every street. You can get the inside filled with all sorts of things like  chocolate, Nutella, whip cream, ice cream or have it without filling.

And when it’s all said & done it’s OK to get lost.  We ended up in a few areas where we couldn’t actually tell you where we were but we were happy to be there lol!  Once we parked the car & decided to walk we literally walked for miles, Took in all of the scenery & enjoyed Prague through the night!    


I hope you enjoyed the read and got to experience a little bit of Prague through my eyes. Wishing you all a fantastic week & can’t wait to read your comments💋

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