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That’s right it’s Cyber Monday, so it’s not to late to get ahold of a few deals & steals for the holidays. With all of the seasonal events vastly approaching, this is the time to snag that suit or dress you’ve been absolutely dying to have!
You can never go wrong with a little holiday shine right?! I’ve decided to wear different styles of sequins for the month of December lol. My plan is to go out of 2017 shining brighter than ever.
Here are two styles that show both of these dresses are a unique-take on wearing sequins.  (Both styles sold out)

Now you can also never go wrong with a classic LBD dress. This Love Sex Magic dress is just that. (yes lol that’s the name of the dress)

Of course wearing daring colors like bold reds, greens, navy blue’s and fabrics like velvet is not a bad idea either…. You can also mix it up by wearing a suit, stunning top or sparkling pants! (Tab pictures for details on price & site)


From work to family & friend festivities, there are a million excuses to get dressed up. For those on a budget, holiday shopping can be a serious challenge so don’t stress. I’m always going for a great deal & a better find. So this is also the best time to check the sales and clearance sections.
So say Hello to the Holidays is style be comfortable, contemporary, and create a polished finish to your wardrobe this season! Who’s ready for the party’s? I know I am lol you’re always welcome to send me topic ideas & I can’t wait to read your comments 💋
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