5 Facts on Friendsgiving

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Hey Lovies, I’m praying you all had a wonderful holiday and got to eat plenty food and started your week of with lots of Cyber Monday savings! Before diving right into Christmas which is one of my favorite holidays, I thought it would be great to give an insider on this years Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is that one holiday every family member looks forward to. It’s more than a celebration but a time where you give thanks for all your blessings, see family members or friends you haven’t in a while plus the delicious food, lots and lots of food!

If you’re like me and many other military families that can’t always make it home, next year consider a Friendsgiving?

It’s been said friendsgivings have been going on for years but this was my first year appreciating and learning the fun ins & outs of having a friendsgiving. So today I wanted to share 5 hacks with my latest YouTube video “Let’s Friendsgiving”!

1. Actually send out invites

Sending out physical invitations makes it special and intament for your friends. This is a time of year where we start to miss family so making this little gesture will go a long way

2. Decorations

It’s just like hosting any other party or event, having great decorations sets the setting and theme for your dinner.

3. What’s on the Menu

If your the host plan to cook the turkey and ham then give the other dishes to your friends. Since you know your friends play off of there strengths, don’t have Nikki making the Mac & cheese if that’s not her lane lol

4. Have fun

Get creative and add things like games, maybe a dessert bar or movies to your evening. You’ll need buffers for entertainment especially since you know no one is leaving until after they have eaten seconds.

5. Make it like home

Create a soundtrack, add a few extra blankets to your sofa and light some candles. I know after I eat I look for the nearest spot to relax and get comfortable in so your guests should feel and be able to do the same.

Even if you’re home for Thanksgiving and want to create a different vibe celebration, host a Friendsgiving just for fun! Now it’s time for those Christmas trees are coming up and that holiday album is in full swing lol, I hope you enjoy my friendsgiving & the latest YouTube video.

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  1. I’ve never gone to a Friendsgiving before but since we just moved I think I will try and host one next year. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I’ve never thought to do this, but I’m definitely trying it with my neighbors next year.

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