Dear Daughter

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Happy Monday FashionBabes!!! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did. This pass weekend I spent a lot of one on one time with my daughter. I know some people may say well that’s normal but she’s at the age where YouTube, hanging out with friends, riding bikes and playing Legos is LIFE lol. Trinity and I were invited to a bowling Birthday party which kicked off our fun filled weekend. She won so we’re not gonna get into that but it was still fun. We also went shopping, took pictures & caught a movie.
Trinity is 11 years old and if you have a pre-teen you understand they don’t hold anything back.
I used this time to check in on the stuff some may think of as small but big in her world. Never think asking the questions; who’s new in your class, do you still like your teacher and even if they still think boys are gross is crazy… Unfortunately boys aren’t to her so our conversation was more about a crush but she talked & I listened.
So today on the blog I’m gonna share “5 ways to help build that great mother daughter bond!”

1. Let her talk & love to listen
2. Learn what she loves, get involved and you two do those things together
3. Don’t over react to any drama
4. Teach her what you know
5. Talk to hear about all her relationships

One and two I’ve kinda already covered but get involved. If she loves bowling than girl you’re a bowler. If she wants to talk about Legos and silly stuff from class then sit and love to listen.
One of the best things my mother did with me was never over react. I literally thought I could tell her anything and I mean anything. She always played it cool and heard me out then had what I use to call the Answer lol. You could want to scream & loses your mind from a new tattoo or a bad outfit choice but hold it till you get to your room lol. I’m currently teaching Trinity everything I know in the kitchen. Each week we pick a recipe and she helps me out. It’s apart of me teaching her what I know and we’re spending quality time together. Middle school is around the corner and these are the years I remember thinking every friendship or boy I meet was it. For kids they don’t think of the in 10-20 years are we still? So talk to them about their relationships, it will benefit you both I promise.
Mom remember you’re her…
voice of reason, story teller, advice giver, hand holder, partner in crime, shoulder, shopping buddy, supporter, broken heart healer, teacher, chef, right-hand, psychologist, nerve calmer, angel, sunshine, heart & soul, problem solver, comedian, doctor, peace keeper, cheerleader, twin, confidant and BEST FRIEND!!!

I hope you enjoyed the read & wish you all a fantastic week. Can’t wait to read your comments. Follow me on Twitter & IG @IamnakiaLawrence


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  1. Very inspiring and good advice, my daughter is an adult but we still share all of these moments, and I love it.

  2. The mother daughter bond is incredible. Spending time with her as you are are invaluable especially in those critical middle school years. Good job

  3. Your such a great mom! I love the tips. I wanted a girl, but was blessed with 2 boys. They are currently 23 and 9. Anyway what I love about your tips are they can apply to boys as well. My mom was like your mother she was cool as a cucumber and stayed that was with 9 kids. I used to wonder how in the world she did it. I’m still hoping more of here will rub off on me. But you are right when you are patient, listen, and don’t over-react they will be more comfortable spilling the tea. Any great post and you both are beautiful!

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