Comfortable Fashion while Traveling

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Hey Lovies 😍 

I’ve been traveling so much this summer and don’t always get to record everything for my YouTube channel, I figured it would be a nice switch up to give you all an updated blog. I know I’ve been MIA in the writing but hey there’s 6 months left in the year so I have time to get it together. 

It’s summer time lovies and I am here for all things functional when it comes to travel fashion. 

To catch you all up I’ve been on what I like to call the “NL European Tour” ( lol no for real that’s what I’ve been saying in my head)! 😂 so far I have been to Malta, Prague, Canary Island, Morocco, Belgium and in just two days Greece.

ISSA PLUG::: By the way if you want to see any of these stops check out my YouTube Channel: Nakia Lawrence Or my IG: iamnakialawrence 😘


So I know when it’s time to travel packing functional yet stylish clothes can be difficult so doing it for back to back trips can seem stressful. Today I wanted to share so comfortable, stylish yet functional wardrobe picks that can help spark some ideas for your future trips! 

Remember to plan for where your going!!

Morocco and Belgium are beautiful places but the heat is no joke lol so during the summer try to pack clothes that are breathable but also reflect/respect the culture you maybe visiting. 


Always pack a date night look! 

Whether your traveling with your family or it’s a girls trip throw in a cute dress or short set that says “Yes, I’m on holiday and enjoying every minute of it” 


Ain’t nothing wrong with keeping it casual! 

It’s all about taking on new adventures so make sure you pack casual wear.  Whether it’s a jumper, T-shirt and shorts or active wear you want to be comfortable in any setting!


I get a lot of questions about packing, what to wear and how to still look great while away so I hope these few travel insights inspire you for your next vacay or weekend getaway! I really hope you enjoyed this blog and catching up with me, please comment and like. Wishing you a blessed and wonderful week




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  1. Glad you’re back blogging! Can you list where the white dress came from?

  2. Can I just say that you are GOALS. I found your page from a FB share and I just love it #BlackGirlMagic
    I can’t wait to see your pictures from Greece

  3. Oh wow, this was a great post! Glad you’re back and I love your YouTube
    New Subscriber

  4. Great blog post! love your travels, keep sharing. Where can I get the jumper?

  5. I really enjoyed your tips and I love the traveling! Your so inspiring, I need to work on my bucket list.

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