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The title says it all- I love everything about Barcelona! The food, shopping, people, oh man the beaches and did I mention the food lol. Barcelona is so welcoming it’s truly no surprise is on a lot of travelers must see list.

First I’d like to share a few tips and this is not only for Barcelona. If your traveling to Europe and plan to see some of the main tourist attractions you may need this information.

  1. Pre purchase your tickets to attractions. I promise you 95% of the time if you wait you won’t get in. From the Vatican to Park Guell the lines are always extremely long and most people get turned away from not already having a ticket.
  2. Map out your means of transportation. I have learned the hard way, trying to do that standing at the bus stop or Metro is the wrong time.
  3. Separate your Money.  There’s so many reasons this is important like making sure you don’t over spend. Making sure emergency money is somewhere else, making sure you don’t eat with your transportation money or theft. High tourist places leave lots of more for theft.
  4. Be Prepared. I’m a little over the top with mine but even if your a “easy going” type of traveler still have your passport, plane tickets, hotel information, size of your luggage and all prepared so you don’t run into completions you actually can control.
  5. Wear Sneakers! Lol if your like me and gotta wear a really cute pair in Europe you get those miles in. Even if your taking the bus and metros you have to walk so many km to get to your next location and let me just say all this cobblestone is no joke.

This few things will have you on track and at least help you through your trip a little easier. Barcelona was paradise, the weather was amazing and the people were so friendly. On Day 1 we landed at night so we did dinner at one of the Tapas. We sat outside and just enjoyed the scenery and great food.


Day 2 we full on tourist we got tickets and toured Sagrada Familia. Stunning is an understatement, it’s a must see. From the craftsmanship on the outside to the detailing on the inside it’s beauty is like no other. After that we had lunch and then got souvenirs. Every time we travel my husband and I get shot glasses from that location and my daughter racks up on snow globes. That night we meet up with friends from home and had an amazing dinner.


On Day 3 we went shopping, saw a little of Park Guell of course ate. The highlight of our trip though was surprising my daughter by taking her to her first concert. Let’s just say this is a day she will never forget lol

Day 4 was all about the beach. We went to Platja de la mar Belle, ordered an umbrella and acted like we hadn’t seen a beach in years. It was an amazing spot, the restaurant served you where you sat and yes I drank as many sangrias as they allowed.

Day 5 we did little things like went to churro spots called Xurreria Trebol, had ice cream at Haagen-Dazs (lol haven’t been to one since the states) and prepared to head back after dinner at Ciutat Comtal and yes I had more churros and sangrias lol


All I can say is Barcelona doesn’t owe me a thing! It’s beauty alone meet all of my expectations. My family an I had a wonderful experience and if it’s not on your travel list I hope after reading this it is now. To keep up with all of our stops and fun sight seeing follow me on IG @Iamnakialawrence! Wishing you a blessed and wonderful week. Thanks so much for following and reading.



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  1. This makes me want to save up and go next year. It seems affordable if planned out. Thanks for the tips needed it.

  2. Great pictures and post! I loved Barcelona when I visited. I was only there for a short while but I definitely want to go back!

  3. Love Barcelona and your trip looks amazing. Plus you went to the OTR concert so much fun!

  4. Girl that orange dress! You look amazing and your vacation looks like it was incredible too. I need to get my passport

  5. This was amazing! Thanks for sharing, going to Barcelona next year but I needed these few tips.

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