7 Fashion Tips For The Holidays!

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Let’s make Day 6 all about fashion ❤This time of year is my all time favorite and it’s not only because the Christmas season is photo heaven but because it’s a time to layer up and bundle up. Fashion girls and guys take it so seriously because you really can’t go anywhere without seeing an amazing spot to snap a pic! So today I’m here to give you 7 fashion tips for the holidays.
Tip 1: ‘Tis the season to sparkle!
Adding any type of sequins is a good idea when it comes to holiday fashion. It expresses cheer and your festive side to the season
Tip 2: Experiment with textures and layers
Layer up especially if your in colder climates. Layering allows you to get creative with your wardrobe and spotlights smaller details like a fashionable hat, scarf or earrings
Tip 3: Wear statement outerwear
Statement outerwear could be anything from that cute bubble winter vest to fashionable snow boots! I live for a long trench coat so I’m all about statement pieces that can carry a look
Tip 4: Velvet Velvet and more Velvet
If you haven’t already get on board because velvet is back and more stylish then ever. Whether it’s a jumpsuit or knee length skirt velvet always has a way of bringing out your classy side
Tip 5: Ain’t nothing wrong with a little bit of COLOR
You can’t have Christmas without all the beautiful lights and color. Injecting some color into your look will definitely reflect your spirit of the holiday season.
Tip 6: Jewelry that take your breath away
Eye-catching jewelry is a must! It helps bring out your outfit and at a dinner party or event ladies, it helps for a conversation starter
bring the drama
Tip 7: The Bold The Beautiful
Lol let’s go bold this season, don’t be afraid to try a bold, festive beauty look. Truth be told makeup is also apart of your complete look. If you’re not a makeup person that’s ok because I know plenty of people who just wear lip gloss and it gets the job done!
I truly hope todays blog is helpful in your holiday parties and events coming up. I’ve been tagged in so many party idea looks and asked about shoes, makeup and all so I thought today’s 12 days of Christmas should be dedicated to my fashion Lovies!
Keep sending me pictures, tagging me on IG and asking for help 💋 I can’t wait to see your Christmas attires
Thanks for reading and until next time Lovies
Smooches XOXO Nakia

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