5 Things you should do to prepare for any fashion week

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It’s LONDON BABY YEAH!!! Lol yes that’s right I’m off again and this years fashion week adventure is London. If you’ve been following me for a while then you know last year I had the incredible opportunity to work with the amazing Stevie Boi and his team. I also worked along side some great artist in the industry from Redken, Haluminous & Nyxcosmetics. Being new to the fashion scene honestly, I was just honored to be there.
Even though I won’t be working this year I’m extremely excited to be participating in all the glamour & fun. I also took this time to expand & network by going to events with London fashion week festival. This will give me the chance to meet new people, other brands, bloggers, London natives and hear from designers first hand.
Oh and don’t worry by the time fashion week is over I will have shared all of my favorite landmarks, the best food locations and where you’re not gonna wanna miss a great selfie! The question I got asked the most after my first fashion week experience was “How did I prepare?” So here’s a few tips I’d like to share with you

1. Your Essentials: I’m a fashion Stylist but also a blogger so my top three essentials maybe a camera, extra pair of flats, laptop and maybe some fashion tap (lol you never know when y’all need that) My point is, depending on your field make sure you always have your top three essentials that you just can’t live without & can be carried with you

2. On the Go shoes: It could be Ballerina shoes, wedges or cute booties. You need to make sure you’re prepared to be on your feet for hours. Plans change ALOT during fashion week. You may have serval shows to get to, get invited to a designers showroom, a party or even dinner. I meet so many people and attend things I never thought I would and didn’t skip a beat because my feet were taking care of.

3. Fashion Squad: Now it isn’t unheard of for someone to go to fashion week alone but when you team up with your fashion partner in crime or squad it makes the experience a million times better. You can do things like a twin day, where you and whoever get a wardrobe piece that is the same an wear it to an event. It always stands out when done right and those are the girls you love to see featured on social media.

4. Create a list: Even if you don’t get to everything create a list of shows you want to see, places you want to eat at & things you want to do. Fashion Week comes with a hustle and bustle and the days can get away from you if you don’t at least give yourself an itinerary to go bye.

5. Packing: I won’t go into detail on how or what to pack because I’ve done that in plenty of blogs before. When it comes to fashion week you want to pack ahead of time, plan for worse case scenarios and Go ALL OUT. lol now is the time to wear that daring piece you couldn’t figure out where to wear it to. Yes, all those other trips were you may have over packed… you need to pack an extra look and put it in your carry on bag just in case your luggage gets lost.

If you’re fashion crazed like I am this is supposed to be one of the most amazing times of the year so let it be just that. The preparation process can seem long but hopefully my few tips helps make it much easier and have you ready for the week and all it’s wonders! LFWF starts soon so keep a look out for all my fashion week focused posts!

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  1. Was it easy to get tickets to shows & are you linking up with any London bloggers?

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